Disability Mainstreaming Workshop

The Institute conducted a Disability Mainstreaming Workshop at the Margaret Thatcher Library (MTL), Main campus on 18th March 2021. The participants at the workshop were facilitated by Mr. Owen Collins Orinda, from the Ministry of Education, Directorate of Quality Assurance.

Disability mainstreaming is envisioned as the deliberate and self-conscious structuring of the whole-institution's environment such that it is accessible and congenial not only to students with impairments, but also to those who can face exclusion or disempowerment due to their ethnicity, social class, gender, culture, religion, immigration history or other attributes. It is important that all education stakeholders be equipped with competencies to address the diverse needs of persons with disabilities.

The Institute sensitized the Senior management, Heads of Departments, Deans and Disability committee on the following:

  1. Disability Laws
    • International and National Legal Frameworks Promoting Disability Mainstreaming
    • Bridging the gap between policy and practice
  2. Functions of Disability mainstreaming Committee
  3. Disability pertinent and contemporary issues
    • 30% procurement
    • Disability and Corruption
    • Disability and Poverty
    • COVID -19 pandemic

The Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academics, Research & Extension) through its research and extension activities is involved in coordinating disability mainstreaming issues through the Institute of Gender, Equality, Research and Development (IGERD). IGERD at Moi University is mandated to mainstream disability in line with the University's Council  mission to mainstream disability issues and concerns in all aspects of socio-cultural, economic and political development within the university structure. IGERD seeks to sensitize and train staff on rights of persons with disabilities to ensure that they are well attended to. This enables persons with Disability access to services, resources and buildings; equity, retention, transition, promotion, completion, relevance and quality; in financing, governance and management of Moi University units and activities at all levels for the benefit of all so as not to unintentionally discriminate against them.

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